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Space Sand Classroom Kit
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Space Sand Classroom Kit

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DuneCraft's Space Sand Classroom Kit contains enough materials for twelve students to do several fun and educational experiments. The included bowls are made from corn and are 100% biodegradable! Contrast hydrophobic Space Sand with ordinary hydrophilic sand grains. Demonstrate real world examples of conservation of mass, surface tension, polarity, and more as you sculpt, mold and experiment with Space Sand. Watch in fascination as the sand repels the water and appears dry immediately after it is removed from water. All lessons are tied in practical applications of this amazing sand.
Actual Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 5

Space Sand Classroom Kit Includes:

  • Red Space Sand, 1lb.
  • Yellow Space Sand, 1lb.
  • Blue Space Sand, 1lb.
  • Natural Sand, 1lb.
  • 24 Clear Bowls
  • 12 Spoons
  • 12 Student Handouts
  • 1 Teacher Guide